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22 Best Zoom Games for Large Groups

You found our list of fun Zoom games for large groups.

Zoom games for large groups are activities for eight or more players can enjoy over video conferencing platforms such as Zoom. Examples include Lip Reading Challenge, “Most Likely To,” and Murder Mystery Games. These activities aim to improve communication between remote coworkers and foster a solid team-building spirit among large virtual teams.

These challenges are big-group versions of Zoom games and are similar to large group icebreaker games and large group team building activities. These exercises are examples of large group virtual games, online team building games, video meeting games and large group virtual team building.


This list includes:

  • free Zoom games for large groups
  • Zoom trivia games for large groups
  • Zoom icebreaker games for large groups
  • Zoom happy hour games for large groups
  • Zoom party games for large groups

Here we go!

List of Zoom games for large groups

From Trivia to Charades to Lip Reading, here are some Zoom games that are engaging and easy to play.

1. Virtual Team Trivia (Highly Rated)

virtual team trivia banner

Trivia is one of the most popular Zoom games for large groups. You can test players’ knowledge on various topics such as art, entertainment, geography, and science. To bring the excitement of a bar trivia night straight to your screens, check out Virtual Team Trivia!

Here is what to expect:

  • a 60-minute session with a highly talented host
  • small groups, team names, and fun icebreakers
  • unique game mechanics like group deliberations and pun-based wordplay
  • themed trivia or custom questions in categories like movies, sports, and history

Additionally, you can send out s’mores kits or cocktail kits to create the perfect experience for your staff members. If you are looking for Zoom trivia games for large groups, then check out Virtual Team Trivia!

Learn more about Virtual Team Trivia.

2. Ultimate Game Show (Hosted)

Game shows are a thrilling addition to a game night, and you can play a fully hosted version with Ultimate Game Show! This exciting experience brings the thrill of nostalgic daytime television straight to your screen.

Ultimate Game Show includes the following:

  • 90 minutes with a world-class host
  • Office Feud, where players try to identify the most common answers to a poll
  • Price Hike, where participants guess as close as possible to the price of an item
  • Final Quizardry, where attendees answer trivia questions and wager points

Game show enthusiasts and competitive players alike will love going head-to-head in this virtual experience! To help your team create lasting bonds and foster a sense of unity, be sure to add Ultimate Game Show to your team building roster.

Learn more about Ultimate Game Show.

3.  Zoom Charades

Charades is one of the most energetic Zoom icebreaker games for large groups. The moderator will divide the participants into equal teams of three or four members. Team members must act out words or phrases while their teammates try to guess the prompts. Players can shout out answers or type guesses into the chat.

Be sure to choose words carefully, as the camera window does not allow the actor much space to dramatize. Since speaking is not permitted, you can mute the actor to avoid slip-ups.

Try this Zoom Charades generator for ideas:


And here is a charades generator to come up with prompts.

4. Da Vinci Protégé

Da Vinci Potégé is a classic game inspired by speed drawing activities. The goal is to show how accurately you can capture elements of a person’s face in sixty seconds. First, split group members into pairs in breakout rooms and tell players to draw one another’s faces. Players must draw on plain sheets and show it to the camera when the timer dangs. The player in every pair with the better depiction of the opponent’s face moves on to the next round.

The moderator merges winners until a final champion emerges.

Check out online art classes to improve your drawing skills.

5.  Zoom Scattergories

Scattergories is a popular word game based on letters of the alphabet. This game fosters deep thinking and quick reasoning and encourages employees to be innovative on the fly.

Here is a Scattergories generator to see how it works:


Each round begins by choosing a random letter of the alphabet. Then, players have two to three minutes to fill in one answer per category starting with this letter. Common categories include cars, cities, countries, girl names, flowers, animals, and food items.

To play Scattergories over Zoom, players could either write answers on a notepad or copy the text into a chat. You can also use an online Scattergories platform such as Swellgarfo.

A timer adds more excitement to the game. Swellgarfo comes with a built-in clock, categories template, and random alphabet generator. One player should share their screen with the app loaded.

Learn more about Swellgarfo and check out these Scattergories lists for teams.

6.  Zoom Murder Mystery

Murder mystery games are intriguing and great for building deep concentration and teamwork. These role-playing activities are just as intense over Zoom as in real life.

To start the game, a moderator divides the large group into teams. Then, the teams split off into breakout rooms to solve puzzles, hunt for clues, and read through a script.

Murder Mystery games bring a thrilling vibe to a gathering and are some of the most popular Zoom party games for large groups.

Check out this list of online murder mystery games.

7. Zoom Icebreaker Questions

You can ask icebreaker questions in Zoom meetings as a way to have fun and build social connections. Example questions include “what is the last song you listened to?”, “what is something you remember from second grade?” and “what was your favorite movie growing up?”.

Here is a Zoom icebreaker question generator you can use:


Check out this list of the best Zoom icebreaker questions for more inspiration.

8.  Zoom Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger Hunts are energizing games that get Zoom meeting attendees shuffling around and sweating!

To play the game with large groups over Zoom, first create a list of random household items. Then, call off the objects one by one. Players scurry offscreen to fetch the items before time runs out. For example, a countdown could be 30 seconds to one minute, and the person who finds the highest number of items within a set time wins!

You can play Scavenger Hunts with particular themes such as indoor, outdoor, garage, living room, kitchen, and garden. In this version of the game, players must find items related to these locations only.

Some random Scavenger Hunts ideas include:

  • An old photograph
  • A novel
  • A cream-colored mug
  • A potted plant
  • A body spray
  • A blue pair of shoes
  • A spatula
  • A sewing thread

Check out our full list of virtual scavenger hunts ideas.

9.  Zoom Pictionary

Pictionary is an exciting drawing game for team building. A large group can play over Zoom where a moderator divides the group into teams. Members take turns drawing prompts such as events, movie titles, song titles, or celebrities.

Players can draw using the annotate feature on Zoom. To step up the game, add a timer and have teammates try to guess the sketch before the ding.

Get Pictionary ideas with a random word generator.

10.  Zoom Lip Reading

Lip Reading is one of the simplest Zoom happy hour games for large groups. To start the game, spotlight and mute one player. That player mouths a word or phrase, and other players attempt to guess the message. Next, divide the group into teams. Each team member takes a turn speaking on mute while teammates guess the words. Players could also compete for individual points.

11.  Zoom “Most Likely To”

“Most Likely To” is an activity inspired by high school superlatives. The game allows remote coworkers to share their opinions about each other.

This game is perfect for large groups. With many players, each person may get a reasonable number of nominations. A moderator can ask “Which one of you is most likely to drink three cups of coffee a day?” Participants quickly answer by typing the name into the chat or voting via the polling feature. The moderator counts the votes and reveals the winner.

Discover some awesome questions for “Most Likely To”.

12.  Zoom “Guess the Movie”

Guess the Movie is a fun online Zoom game for large groups of film lovers. To play the game on Zoom,  a moderator prepares lists of popular scenes, famous characters, timeless lines, and events surrounding popular productions. Then, players try to guess the movie by filling out a form or directly messaging the moderator. The player with the highest number of correct guesses wins the game.

For best results, use classic and well-known movies.

13. Zoom “Spot the Difference”

Anyone who grew up in the newspaper era should be familiar with the thrilling game of Spot the Difference. Most newspapers and magazines would have sets of two “seemingly” identical images placed side-by-side. Kids had to spot subtle differences between the images.

You can make Spot the Difference more challenging for adults by splitting the group into teams and adding a timer. A moderator shares their screen to show the images side-by-side. Players have only sixty seconds to quickly identify the differences and score a point for their team. If a group cannot identify all the differences, then the other teams can snatch points by spotting them correctly.

Find some exciting Spot the Difference images.

14. Zoom Truth or Dare (SFW)

Truth or Dare is a classic engagement game for large groups. Players can choose their targets and ask personal questions or issue daring challenges.

To play the game on Zoom, first prepare a list of questions and dares, or find an online generator. Each player chooses “truth” or “dare” and receives a corresponding question or command from the moderator. Players who refuse to answer a question or complete a dare lose a point, while players who fulfill the request earn a point. The player with the highest number of points at the end of the game wins.

Here are work-safe Truth or Dare questions.

15. “Stuff in Common”

Also known as “Something in Common,” this game can help large groups of people to get to know each other quickly. The activity has several variations. In one popular style, you can put up a question or category, and players write down their responses in the chatbox or on a piece of paper. Players may also change their Zoom display names to the answer.

For best results, split groups off into breakout rooms for this activity, and reconvene in the main room to share answers.

16. Zoom Taboo

Taboo is one of the most popular free Zoom games for large groups. The game involves describing random words while avoiding synonyms.

On Zoom, a free Taboo words generator can facilitate the game. First, divide the group into equal teams. Turntakers will receive a word to describe and similar words to avoid in that description. Each team member hints about the main word while avoiding taboo words or abbreviations. The moderator can log onto a taboo generator platform and send a screenshot of the card to the active player.

Get free taboo cards at Lingolex.

17.  Zoom Train the Robot

Train the Robot is a communication-boosting activity where a large group plays in pairs to achieve set goals. The moderator assigns the “robot” and the “trainer” in each pair. The trainer attempts to instruct the robot on performing engaging and hilarious tasks.

Over Zoom, the “robot” shares their screen and follows the instructions step-by-step. For example, the robot may have to open Auto Draw and sketch a trumpet or build an origami boat with white paper. The moderator awards points for steps performed correctly, and the pair with the highest number of points wins.

Here is a list of more communication games to play with a large group.

18.  Zoom 20 Questions

20 questions is an icebreaker game that helps players learn to ask thoughtful questions. To start each round, a chosen player thinks of a random subject. For instance, the Coachella, Apple’s iPhone 13, or a celebrity like George Clooney. The other players then ask no more than 20 questions to determine the active player’s secret word.

The active player can only answer with “yes” or “no.” The player that eventually guesses the word correctly wins and goes next.

Check out more question games.

19.  Zoom “Last Dancer Standing”

Last Dancer Standing is an energy-boosting online Zoom game for large groups similar to musical chairs. Typically, there is one chair less than the total number of dancers. The player standing when the music stops is out.

On Zoom, players dances around a seat in their own space. The last dancer to sit when a song stops is out. The moderator will create a playlist of songs across different genres. It is best to record the Zoom meeting for this game so the moderator can replay close calls. You can use “rock, paper, scissors” to break ties. The dancer who never gets eliminated wins the game.

Here is a list of high energy songs for conferences you can use for the game.

20.  Zoom “Guess the Celeb”

Guess the Celeb is an intriguing Zoom party game for large groups. In this challenge, players follow hints and clues to uncover the identity of a popular celebrity.

Groups can play Guess the Celeb in teams or as individuals. At the start of the round, the active player directly messages the name of a celebrity to the moderator. Then, the active player gives at least five hints or clues to help other players guess the identity of the celebrity. The chosen celebrity must be a well-known national or international figure.

The player who guesses the celebrity becomes the next active player. At the end of all rounds, the player with the highest number of correct guesses wins!

21.  Zoom Infinity Sketch

Infinity Sketch is an engaging game where players sketch full figures without lifting their drawing tools.

The moderator divides the group into smaller groups of three to four players. These groups are not teams but blocks of players the moderator can monitor closely. Each sub-group can draw on one member’s screen using the annotating feature.

The moderator yells out a random word such as “cat” or “airplane,” and the players scramble to draw the images in thirty to sixty seconds. Players must not lift their drawing tools from the virtual board. The other players watch closely for defaulters. Whoever draws the most meaningful depictions without flouting the main rule wins the round and goes to the next match.

22.  Zoom “Whose Crib Is It?”

“Whose Crib Is it?” is a hilarious online Zoom game where group members take turns sharing pictures of their houses. Then, other members try to guess whose house is in each photo. To prepare for the game, participants send photos of their homes to the moderator before the meeting. Then, the moderator shows the photos individually by sharing their screen or dropping the file into the chat. Members shout or type guesses, and the first player to answer correctly wins a point.

Members must try to make the game challenging for the group by taking pictures of the not-so-obvious rooms in their homes and the areas not normally visible during Zoom meetings.

Final Thoughts

Zoom meetings do not have to be boring or monotonous. You can break out fun games at different intervals during the session. A large group with several members can play in smaller teams of equal players. These large group Zoom games foster cooperation, relaxation, communication, and quick reasoning. These games are free, easy to learn, and fun to participate in, and everyone gets a chance to learn something new!

Next, check out these lists of virtual game night ideas, large group icebreakers for remote teams, and Zoom improv games.

FAQ: Zoom games for large groups

Here are answers to questions about Zoom games for large groups.

What are Zoom games for large groups?

Zoom games for large groups are fun and engaging activities played over video conferencing platforms by multiple players, usually eight and upward. These challenges may be large-number versions of games easily played by smaller groups. These games are simple and stimulating activities for attendees to warm up at the start or unwind at the end of the meeting.

What are some good Zoom games for large groups to play at work?

There are several awesome Zoom games for large groups of people to play at work meetings, such as Trivia, Murder Mystery, Scavenger Hunts, Pictionary, Scattergories, spot the Difference and Guess the Movie, 20 Questions, Train the Robot, Taboo, and Stuff in Common.

How do you play Zoom games in big meetings?

The games are usually easy, with simple rules to follow. You can play these games at the beginning or end of meetings or as a mid-meeting break. Usually, one or two moderators preside over the games, lay down ground rules, keep score tabs, and announce winners. Teams can converge privately in breakout rooms while the game is in play. Zoom features such as annotation, polling, chatboxes, and reactions all contribute to the fun.

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